Mama Grace (Non-Fiction)

 width=“In today’s world, most people use the phrase “by the grace of God” as unconscious rhetoric. The majority of us, however, are unaware of the gravity and impact of that middle word, Grace. In this book, Eyum has revealed the divination, manifestation, and significance of this mystery known as ‘GRACE’ based on practical life experience, revelations, and in-depth research. This book has really opened my eyes to many things that I previously took for granted. As a result, I believe everyone should read it.”

Eko Gerald
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Through the Storm (Fiction)

“A life-time experience in one book! This book is emotional and inspirational as it rekindles your hope and increases your faith at the same time. It is a family book and I strongly recommend it for both young people and adults.”

Yemisi Ojo
Dublin, Ireland


He Gave Me Comfort (Non-fiction)

“I picked up this book with the intention to gloss over some aspects of the work with the aim of facing it later. From that first moment I could not put it down. I could see life-changing lessons poured into the pages of this book in pure emotion and utmost candour. I was also spurred by the richness of the material.This book will not only strengthen you to deal with any immediate challenge you may have right now, but it will also equip you for the future.”

Simeon O. Afolabi
Port Harcourt, Nigeria.