It’s Time to Move Forward!

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Have you been so busy yet have little results to show for it?

Does it seem like you are moving but not making progress?

Does your movement seem to be in circles and not forward?

Then Well, I have good news for you! It’s time to move forward!

We have been privileged to witness, to enter and begin, another new year and I believe there is no better time to evaluate our lives and movements than now. A new year provides us with new opportunities. Opportunities to set the direction of our lives right, opportunities to correct past mistakes and even opportunities to start anew!

Normally it takes only eleven days to travel from Mount Sinai to Kadesh-barnea, going by way of Mount Seir [Deuteronomy 1:2 (NLT)]. However, the Israelites spent over 40 years to make this journey! This means that they spent 14,600 days to make an 11-day journey!

How could this happen? Or how is this even possible? You may be wondering. The Israelites never ceased moving during these 40 years. Meaning that they were actually moving but not moving forward! And this is the situation with many of us. We are moving but not moving forward.

As I carefully studied the story of the Israelites, I discovered the reason they wandered for so many years in the wilderness was due to the condition of their innermost state, the state of their heart. The state of their hearts was as a result of their past experiences. They had been slaves, gone through much suffering and deprivation. Therefore, certain traits like grumbling and complaining, fear, discouragement, and many other negative attitudes became their trademark. These, however, left them stuck, making motions without progress, going round in circles!

Do you feel stuck because of past mistakes or experiences? Then I encourage you to take these steps:

  1. Evaluate – take out time to soberly reflect on your state. Why are you where you are right now? Ask yourself some hard questions, but I encourage you to be sincere and don’t look for someone else to blame for your situation.
  • Ask for help – in this life; we need both the support of men and women and also of God to succeed. Some people are ahead of you in every area of life so, be humble enough to learn from them. Many times, the help we need is not material or financial but someone to guide us.
  • Feed your mind – as I once heard someone say, “The body goes where the mind goes.” This saying is very accurate as you can see from the story of the Israelites. To overcome a negative mindset, you need to feed your mind with healthy, nutritious stuff by what you hear, read and watch. Just as anyone who wants to lose weight goes on a diet plan, you need to consciously put yourself on a program that feeds your mind regularly and on schedule. By doing this, you will shed off the negativity and begin to embrace positivity and possibilities. And before you realise it, you will see yourself moving forward!

Resolve to make this new year count for you. See it as a fresh opportunity to do new and more significant things. So dear friend, I encourage you to get going. You are moving forward this year!

In my January Life Class sessions, I will be doing a series of teachings on this subject, So I encourage you to check out the videos on our Facebook page or YouTube channel (My Pain Your Gain Ministries). 5 Dark Acce

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