Have you ever wondered what life would be like if there were no end of periods? That is to say, the month or year does not end. Life continues to be one long stretch of moving from day to day in just one continuous year or only one long day that never ends. I believe we would all have been worn out, frustrated, or even passed out by now.

The beauty of seasons or periods is that it gives us the opportunity to begin again. Each new season comes with new hopes and aspirations, and it’s so refreshing to have the chance to start again. That is the beauty of this new year, and I want to welcome you to this new season, this time of refreshing and new beginnings!

Another beauty of seasons it that it gives us the opportunity to reflect. It is in the place of reflecting that we can evaluate the good and bad things that have happened to us, the opportunities that we utilised or allowed to slip by, the things we have accomplished, or were unable to accomplish. And it is also in reflecting that we replay beautiful memories, remember anniversaries and birthdays and celebrate them.

It is also the beauty of a new season to present us with a fresh and clean slate. That means that no matter how the previous period (in this case, the past year) has been, you can do something fresh in this new season. Last year may have been very fulfilling for you because of your accomplishments and many cherished memories that were created. I celebrate you, and I am happy for you. I can identify with you because my first daughter graduated from the university with a fantastic result and a great job that followed immediately. Her graduation was a memory that I will cherish forever.

Last year may have also been very challenging for you due to some painful experiences that you had or goals that you could not accomplish. I can also identify with that because I had to bury my last daughter and my mother within a space of three months.

But you know what? Last year is gone with all its accomplishments and pains! You and I now have an opportunity to set new goals and begin to pursue them. We have the opportunity to create new memories. Don’t let yesteryear’s accomplishments hinder your progress this year. Don’t let the good things of last year hinder you from becoming great this year because Good, they say, is the enemy of Great! Go on and improve on your accomplishments, or better still, attempt new things.

Also, don’t even let yesteryear’s failures or pains stop you from moving forward this year! I agree with Carrie Khouri in her quote, “Don’t let yesterday’s failure define you. Let them refine you.” So, let your failures or pains fire up a new passion for doing great things this year.

I look forward to celebrating with you and sharing in your joy as you maximise the freshness and opportunities of this new year. That is the beauty of a New Season!

Hello Friend.

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